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 Post subject: Thinking about playign bass and singing...
PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 5:05 am 
The Wanderer
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I started playign bass about 4 years ago, and guitar almost three. When i first started, slayer and cannibal corpse were my main inspirations. i used to play fingerstyle, using the three finger technique. My idols were alex webster and steve digiorgio. I got human and individual thought patterns just to listen to steve, for cryin out loud, not realizing how awesoem of guitar albums they were until about 2 years ago.

one day i was messing aroudn with distortion and i was liek, what the hell, i might as well buy a guitar. so i did, and the first sogn i learned was seasons in the abyss by slayer, minus the solos. ever since its been a quest to get the best fastest metal chops I could, and i got into bands like cryptopsy and suffocation, among many others.

a few months ago, i started playing bass in a rock band. i use a pick now, since i have lost the finger plucking speed, because up until about 4 months ago, i didnt play bass at all. it started out as just fun, until tonight. i have mad picking chops, and i know all the modes, and i have experience with metal rhtyhms and the whoel nine yards. so i was thinking, why not stat a death metal band with me on bass and possibly vocals? I dont know where this is comign from, seeing as until tonight i wanted to be a guitarist in a DM band. but guys like steve are so cool, you just cant fuck with him. great metal guitarists are everywhere, but not bassists.

another thing that bugs me is that peopel only consider fingerstyle bassists to be good, for the most part. i mean sometimes it seems liek people liek a bassist and thinks hes amazing just because of the fact that he uses his fingers to pick (bassist will know what i mean here, these so call "fingerstyle elitiests" it bugs me, and i wanna start a band that has interestign bass parts, but i wanna use a pick. can anyoen reccomend some good bass players that use a pick, that play interestign stuff? I.e. not just follow the guitars? not that following the guitars is bad, i mean look at webster, he writes most of the songs, so the guitars would be following him, aye?

anyway, just some food for thought i guess. maybe this is just a phase and ill go back to wanting to be a guitarist again.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 3:23 pm 
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the bassist for The Crown uses a pick and i believe he writes all the music....or maybe its the lyrics...i havent ever paid attention to the bass lines but he may be someone that you would want to check out

and you need to change your avatar to you with a bass headstock ;) :P

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 2 posts ] 

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