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 Post subject: Rayner and Vocals
PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2005 7:40 pm 
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What did you do to get your vocals to be so good?

you always say that you have to practice but what did you do to practice...are there any songs that you tried to mimick or did you only practice on imperator songs....

have you ever damaged your voice from being so amazing in mithras?

what preperations do you go through to make your voice sound before a show or you like warm up or what?

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:08 pm 
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Cool question! I don`t consider myself to be a great vocalist! I`m a mithrite as it were. Basically i`m in mithras and the singer so it has become the sound of mithras i suppose. I always said to leon Morbid Angel should get me instead of Tubby tucker or Evil D back :wink: !

No to be fair nowadays i probably say no. But anyway the question!
When i go on stage i warm up yeah def! I have never heard another singer warm up when we have done a gig with other bands, i`m sure they think i`m not "rock" or what ever, but i do it for the people the fans, you guys paid u want a show, and by golly i`ll bring u a show even if i die trying. I always put 2000% into a show and that's not possible haha. I do believe in 110% in a show though because if u take your best show, is that not u at 100%, so go one better it becomes 110% doesn`t it! Well for that night anyway then that becomes 100% and your previously best show becomes 90%! Confused? I know u are! :P
Any way practice yeah thats important when i started i didn`t even know how low i could sing i just experimented, thats real important too.
Have i not covered this already?
Right if your a new singer try to find a style that suits u and practice at hi volume your singing ALL THE TIME! Just walk round and shout really loud at people if u want I DO!ahhahahahahah. its true!
Try lots of different stuff and keep at it. I warm up to painkiller. yes judas priest painkiller!
breathing is real important, maybe singing lessons will help for that if you want to learn quick. I have never had one but i knew a girl at school who took lessons and got her to teach me! Hahahahaha! There's one Leon don`t know! If you want to learn to breath real well try singing legions as hard as u can in a death voice as loud as u can thats prity much how i did it just had a lot of practice.
Record it . If you record your vocals and listen back to them you can hear weaknesses in your voice. It's all well and good putting legions on and singing at normal levels in your normal voice in your bed room and going "OH THATS NOT HARD" yeah wise guy i can "narrate" the album too. Can you get up there and sing it to 200 odd and put on a show to wow someone. Answers on a postcard!
Basically, Try as hard as you can, Practice as much as u can, Be as critical as u can, Get your friends to be as critical as they can, Dare to try new stuff even if it sound shit at first, Have fun while u are doing it, if u don`t enjoy it don`t do it.
Oh and yeah i lose my voice if i don`t practice! So u newbies will to! If u don`t TRY HARDER!

What fate has befallen me!

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