Couple more questions for Leon (amplifer related)
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Author:  Evoken [ Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Couple more questions for Leon (amplifer related)

1. I'm starting to do some research on amplifiers in the 500-700$ range or so. I'm not planning on making any purchases until about 2 months from now, I just want to make the most educated purchase possible. Do you have any particular recommendations in this price range? It'll be used both for home practice and almost certainly gigging in the near future. I'm definitely not looking to emulate the Mithras tone, as we play a brand of fairly straightforward and uninventive death metal. I guess if there's a specific sound I'm looking for it'd be like Morbid Angel's Domination and Covenant albums, but I'm not dead set on sounding exactly like that, as that would probably cost several thousands of dollars :D

I've just been using a line6 toneport ever since I started playing guitar, it's sort of like the POD XT except you need to plug it into a computer and it doubles as recording hardware. The high gain sounds are all completely miserable, though it's great just for home recording equipment and you can get some really nice clean sounds of it.

2. What do you do for a living? Not to sound insulting, but I'm guessing you don't make a living off of Mithras, as even some hugely popular bands like My Dying Bride still need full time jobs. What is your educational background?

Author:  Leon [ Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:49 am ]
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Hi there.

1 - If you're looking to emulate the tone from said Morbid Angel albums, you'd be best off using the exact gear Trey uses (which should be affordable secondhand).

From what I remember reading online he uses a Marshall JCM900 head and a RAT distortion pedal to get his "main" sound on most of their albums. Couple said setup with any 4 x 12 guitar cab with celestion speakers (or 2 x 12 if you want to save money) and you're there more or less. You'll need to make sure you've got dimarzio pickups in your guitar (and preferably use ibanez guitars) as that'll get you closer. There's a website with the settings he uses somewhere if you're that interested!

I think the pods are quite hit and miss. One thing that might be problematic is that most people don't "hear" the guitar sound correctly when listening to an album, they hear the bass guitar and kick drum as part of the guitar sound, so never feel they've got a "heavy" enough guitar sound - make sure you don't get caught out by this.

If you want a solid amp for death metal and general metal, you can't go wrong with a Peavey 5150 (mk1), even the combo sounds great!

However bear in mind I don't use either of the above amps however, so you really won't get close to the Mithras sound with these, as it's somewhere in between...

2 - Yeah, sadly most extreme bands don't make any kind of a living off their music, that's the sad reality of a world where a lot of people would rather download music than buy it on cd.
We've been lucky in some respects as we've never done the band to simply generate revenue, we've always wanted to make albums people will enjoy and that hopefully stand above most others, and all the money we've made we've invested back into our records, studios and gear etc.

Outside the band we both run our own businesses (I run a record label and a music magazine).

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