Friday 20th Oct, 2017

Today is a bit of a sad day for Mithras and me personally, as I've disbanded our live line-up for the final time.

Despite making a statement earlier this year saying future live shows were highly unlikely, I still couldn't accept it and hung onto the possibility we would somehow find a suitable drummer and finally get out and support our latest record 'On Strange Loops' live in all its glory, especially considering how much I wanted to play these songs live.

But after recently exhausting every last remaining feasible option, I have to admit what for me is a final defeat; we've not found anyone suitable to drum live for us, and given the complexity and speed of our material as well as the fact we're a small UK based low-profile band, we never will. Throughout the band's history I've pursued a goal of finding and keeping a live drummer who can do justice to our tracks so I can bring the band out of the studio and onto the stage, but this has been akin to finding the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - an illusion which I just can't keep chasing.

So I'd like to give a final and massive thanks to Tom Hyde and Thorax Urungus for their contributions, positivity and general support as live members over the last few years, and I hope they'll be back with more music of their own in the future.

Given there really will be no further Mithras shows, I'm going to go over all the live footage we've got from the past 19 years and collate the "least worst" bits... only kidding! I'll be putting together a "best of" to document the highlights from shows we played which should (hopefully) satisfy people who weren't able to catch us on the few occasions we darkened the stage.

Beyond this, Mithras is right back to the situation it was in 2010 when I began work on 'On Strange Loops' - the band is just me flying solo again and is likely to stay that way. I'm taking some time now to reorient myself with how to play drums (as well as guitar bass and vocals!), and slowly considering future musical directions, so watch this space.


Leon Macey

Picture by Gabriel R. Photography - Pandaceptions

Wednesday 8th Feb, 2017

After giving it careful consideration over the last few months, I've made the decision that the Mithras show at Damnation Festival in November last year was most likely the band's last ever live show. Trying to get a live line-up together (and keep it together) that can accurately represent the music on our records has been no easy task, and has taken up an inordinate amount of the last 18 years that Mithras has been going. Specifically, finding a live drummer reliable and skilled enough has always been the band's Achilles heel, with our most recent (heavily advertised) drummer search also failing to turn up a suitable candidate. Despite a lot of interested parties we eventually had very few applications and from them we weren't able to find anyone suitable, either through simple logistics or musical suitability.

The drumming on our albums is an essential part of our sound, and I'm just not able to compromise by taking on a drummer who can't really manage our drum tracks properly just so we can play live shows, as I feel that betrays the whole purpose of Mithras generally and makes the shows unenjoyable for me as well as our fans, who expect to hear a performance pretty close to the records. That said, we've had great live drummers in the band in the past, and I'm sure there's someone out there somewhere who theoretically could do a great job, but the few live session drummers who can play our tempos are all based overseas and are heavily in demand so we're just not able to do the amount of touring necessary to attract them.

So going forward, I'm no longer actively looking for a live drummer for Mithras, which consequently means at this stage there's no plans for any further live shows. So as I said at the start, if you caught us at the end of last year at Damnation Festival you may well have seen our last ever live performance. At this stage in my life I've reached a point where after 18 years of battling to get the band working on the live front, I finally need to close the door on something which clearly isn't meant to be, for my own sanity if nothing else.

Thanks to Tom Hyde and Vic Lochab and everyone else who was part of Mithras live over the years, we did some great shows, and of course biggest thanks to those who came out to see us at the few occasions we did darken the stage with our presence.

It's not all doom and gloom; going forward I'm going to be looking at possibly doing some remasters of our back catalog and potentially some vinyl releases of our first two albums, so watch this space...

Just as a coda and to clarify: Mithras isn't ending, it's just that live shows are very unlikely going forward. Given that the live side of the band took an enormous amount of work for a very small amount of shows, putting it on indefinite hiatus might galvanise the production of some new Mithras music.


Leon Macey

(photo credit Matthew Lowery for The Yorker)

Saturday 23rd July, 2016

Mithras are proud to finally unveil the cover artwork for their upcoming and long awaited 4th album, 'On Strange Loops'. The cover artwork 'Topological Research Of The Black Square' was painted by Russian surrealist artist Sergey Laisk. Mithras Guitarist/Vocalist Leon Macey comments: "We had a very painful search for cover artwork for the new album over a period of many months, being let down by prospective artists here and there and generally getting frustrated, so when we stumbled on Sergey's artwork in an obscure online gallery we knew instantly that it was without doubt the perfect artwork for the album, given that it visually encapsulates the concept perfectly. It was a great relief that Sergey gave us permission to use it or we'd probably have had to resort to doing our own version of his artwork in crayons or ms paint!"

Mithras are also happy to announce the release date for 'On Strange Loops' will be October 21st 2016, for both digital, CD and vinyl releases. The album is being released by Willowtip Records (USA, Canada, Mexico) and Galactic Records (Europe and everywhere else). Willowtip Records are handling the vinyl release exclusively, which will include three special finishes, one of which will be a splatter effect disc.

The final tracklisting for 'On Strange Loops' is as follows:

1. Why Do We Live?

2. When The Stars Align

3. The Statue On The Island

4. Part The Ways

5. Odyssey's End

6. Howling Of The Distant Spaces

7. Between Scylla And Charybdis

8. Time Never Lasts

9. The Last Redoubt

10. Inside The Godmind

11. The Outer Dark

12. On Strange Loops

Mithras are playing Brutal Assault Festival on the 11th Of August, which will be Leon Macey's first show as frontman. The band will announce further dates, including their late-October UK tour very soon.

Monday 7th June, 2016

Mithras are pleased to announce that the band will continue with me (Leon Macey) doing vocals alongside lead guitar at future live shows. As many of you may know, we were left in the lurch with upcoming shows in the pipeline after our previous vocalist departed earlier than agreed, and our best efforts to find a vocalist/bassist via video auditions didn't result in any suitable candidates, due to stylistic issues or simple logistics. So me performing the vocals is the logical choice and was actually something I was considering as far back as 2011, when I recorded demo vocal tracks for a few tracks on our upcoming record "On Strange Loops", so I'm looking forward to this new challenge. We'll also be announcing our killer new bassist in the coming weeks too. This is a fresh start for the band with everybody motivated and on the same page, so hopefully exciting times ahead, cheers, Leon Macey.

Tuesday 17th May, 2016

I'm very sad to announce that Rayner Coss has decided to depart Mithras as of today, and thus will not be performing at any future live shows with the band. Rayner was a founding member of Mithras way back in 1998 (when we were originally named Imperator) and bar his hiatus of a few years (from 2008-2011) was in Mithras for nearly two decades. Rayner leaves to focus on his family and flooring business, and I'd personally like to wish him all the best for the future and thank him for the great work he did on all the Mithras releases he was a part of. We had a lot of trials and difficulties in the band over the years, so it was not easy going by any stretch, but out of those trials came some amazing and fulfilling records, and the experiences of making them were once in a lifetime events for me, Leon Macey c/o Mithras.

Monday 7th March, 2016

Decibel Magazine have previewed a track from our upcoming album 'On Strange Loops' - check it out at the link below! DECIBEL STREAM NEW MITHRAS TRACK

Saturday 5th March, 2016

Mithras are searching for a vocalist/bassist for live shows at the end of this year and beyond. Any interested parties please get in touch with us using the contact page on this site or on our Facebook page. Anyone who wants to see Mithras fronted by Rayner Coss needs to get tickets for Incineration Fest in London this May, as it will be Rayner's last ever UK show with the band. Rayner is leaving Mithras prior to the release of our new album 'On Strange Loops' to focus on his work commitments.

Saturday 6th February, 2016

Mithras are pleased to announce that after playing a storming show way, way back in 2009 we'll be returning to Brutal Assault this year! (2016) Details and tickets here BRUTAL ASSAULT 2016 Further live shows to be announced soon.

Tuesday 2nd February, 2016

Mithras are pleased to announce we'll be playing London's Incineration Fest on the 7th of May, 2016. Mithras are on before Tsjuder and Saturday headliners Dark Funeral! Details and tickets here INCINERATION FEST 2016

There's been another change of lineup as we get ready for shows and Mithras are extremely pleased to announce Julien Helwin as the new Mithras live drummer. You can check out Julien showing his brutal and relentless skills here and his youtube channel hereJulien Helwin, be sure to subscribe to it. Julien will be playing with us at Incineration Fest so be sure to come and check his drumming out! Thanks to Anthony Deane for giving it a shot.

Monday 7th December, 2015

Mithras are pleased to welcome Anthony Deane (ex-Basement Torture Killings) as their new live drummer. Guitarist Leon Macey said "We've been rehearsing in secret for the past three months with Anthony, and it's coming together really well". Rayner Coss (Oratory/Bass) commented "it's great to be back playing our tracks both old and new in the rehearsal room and we're looking forward to airing them in the live environment". Thanks to all the other drummers who sent in videos. Mithras will be playing live early next year and are now booking shows so any interested promoters please get in touch.

Saturday 5th December, 2015

5th part of the band shot, off the cuff studio video diary, discussing the recording of the in progress next Mithras album, titled ' On Strange Loops' (to be released 2016). In this episode we go through the tracklisting of the new album, make an announcement regarding our live plans, talk about drum setup and recording, discuss vocal recording techniques and gear and finally answer all the outstanding questions people have sent us for these videos.

Wednesday 18th November, 2015

All the Kickstarter backers were shipped their preorders a few weeks ago, so the merch from our Kickstarter project is now available for general sale in the redesigned Mithras online store. So if you couldn't pledge at the time but want a t-shirt, limited edition (or just regular) 'Behind The Shadows...' vinyl, hoodies, or just some CDs, please place an order! Please note the hoodies are strictly limited and are almost sold out already. MITHRAS ONLINE STORE

In other news recording and mixing of 'On Strange Loops' is still in progress. The end is finally in sight and we hope to have the album completed by the first 1/3 of next year.

Sunday 5tH July, 2015

We're really pleased to announce we've exceeded our target and raised £3227 on our Kickstarter to produce a vinyl version of our third album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness', as well as reissues of out of print t-shirts. Massive thanks to all the fans who backed this project and made it a success. It'll take some time for us to get everything together and for the vinyl to be produced (as per the Kickstarter, delivery to backers is expected in September) but it'll be worth the wait! Anyone who wasn't able to pledge but still wants to pre-order, contact us and we can provide pre-payment details via PayPal; Cheers, Leon and Rayner

Wednesday 1st July, 2015

We have £466 left to raise and 3 days to do it in, so please support our Kickstarter by buying a t-shirt, signed cd, or even better, a vinyl copy of our 3rd album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness'. People pledging over £60 will receive promo access to our next album 'On Strange Loops' a month before release and anyone pledging over £115 is entered into a random draw for memorabilia from the recording session (Signed cymbal, lyric notes, drumsticks, artwork sketches)

Friday 26th June, 2015

Just over a week to go before we reach our deadline for the 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' vinyl Kickstarter project. We're over 2/3 of the way there which is great but we still have a way to go! To sweeten the deal on the top 5 pledges (which are based around the coloured vinyl numbered 1,2,3,4,and 5 plus a load of extra items) we've got 5 extra gifts which we'll be randomly awarding to these top pledges, namely:

A set of Vater Nightstick drumsticks used to record the 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' album

Printed and annotated lyrics with recording notes from the vocal session

A set of prototype Mithras drum sticks

Artwork and conceptual sketches which went towards the final cover image

A Zildjian 'China Boy High' 22" cymbal which was used to record the 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' album

These gifts will all be signed and will be randomly awarded to anyone buying one of the top 5 packages, one gift for each of the vinyl packages numbered 1-5.

Please be aware anyone who has already pledged can simply increase their pledge amount and change their reward to one of the top 5 items (1 out of 5 has gone so far) and thus have a chance at receiving these extra items should they wish :)


Thursday 5th June, 2015

We've just launched a Kickstarter to fund the vinyl release of the third Mithras album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' (atmospheric brutal extreme metal), and in addition, some other merchandise including t-shirts. Please pledge your support and let everyone know about the project, we have 30 days to get the funding together! Cheers, Leon Macey and Rayner Coss (Mithras)

Monday 1st June, 2015

Mithras are still searching for a live session drummer, to join us on tours and live dates. The successful candidate would need to be able to play our drum tracks really close to how they are on our albums and would be paid per show. If you're interested please send us a message via this site or facebook.

Friday 10th April, 2015

Here's the 4th part of our studio video diary. In this episode we demo up some guitar tracks, attempt to answer a question regarding our influences, about Morbid Angel, talk about unreleased / unfinished tracks, and finally some footage of us tracking a song, on guitar / bass / vocals...

Monday 9th February, 2015

Here's the 3rd part of our studio video diary. In this episode we talk about bass gear, the drumming process, playing live, preview of a solo and part of a new track, amongst other things. We answered a few more questions posed on our Facebook page, more to come next time.

Monday 19th January, 2015

Mithras are searching for a live drummer for future live shows. We aim to play some shows and possibly tour later in 2015 and need a drummer to complete our live line-up. Applicants should be familiar with the Mithras material and be able to record a drum audition video, we will audition any suitable candidates in person. Any interested drummers out there, please send us a message via our facebook page or email at contact AT mithras DOT org DOT uk.

Saturday 13th December, 2014

Here's the 2nd 'On Strange Loops' studio diary video, the band discuss the 'Time Never Lasts' EP, album concepts, and talk about what guitars are going to be used to record the next record.

Monday 25th November, 2014

For anyone interested in the recording process, we shot a lot of footage the other day and condensed some of into this first episode where we start discussing our approach regarding our new album, further installments to follow.

Monday 30th June, 2014

We've been hard at work in the studio recording the new album 'On Strange Loops'. So far we've done 8 out of 11 drum tracks, 5 bass tracks, and have just started work on vocals. Once the drums and bass are recorded, we'll be doing the rhythm guitars and any outstanding leads (most leads are already recorded). We'll be putting up a teaser soon, watch this space!

Thursday 30th January, 2014

To update everyone as to our progress; preproduction for 'On Strange Loops' is complete, and we're finally ready to record. All songs are written (bar one short section which is going to be done on the fly as we record to get the right feel) and all lyrics are completed. Vocal patterns are all worked out, the bass tone is sorted, some leads already recorded, everything else outstanding will be worked out as we record, which will begin asap,

Thursday 30th January, 2014

To update everyone as to our progress; preproduction for 'On Strange Loops' is complete, and we're finally ready to record. All songs are written (bar one short section which is going to be done on the fly as we record to get the right feel) and all lyrics are completed. Vocal patterns are all worked out, the bass tone is sorted, some leads already recorded, everything else outstanding will be worked out as we record, which will begin asap,

Thursday 12th December, 2013

We're having a week long 25% off pre-xmas sale on everything in our online store, making it a perfect time to pick up a CD for the Mithras fan in your life (or yourself!) Behind The Shadows Lie Madness CD album - £3.74 (was £4.99) Sands Of Time - Early Demos & Rarities CD - £5.24 (was £6.99) Time Never Lasts 5 track EP CD - £2.24 (was £2.99) Mithras Webstore

Saturday 2nd November, 2013

Mithras are pleased to announce we have signed a deal with Willowtip Records to release our next album 'On Strange Loops' (for the territories of North America - USA/Canada/Mexico). We're looking forward to working with Willowtip and seeing where this partnership will take us. We're still considering our options for Europe and rest of world, any other interested labels please get in touch asap. Willowtip Records Willowtip Records

Friday 9th August, 2013

Hey everyone, here's a long overdue update on where we're at with our new album, On Strange Loops. We expected to have the album completed by now; we actually started tracking some of the drums earlier this year (as previously announced) but after listening back, decided we needed to rehearse a bit more to get everything even closer to 100% and also put further finishing touches on the tracks, which are sounding great. We now have a DEFINITE date for drum tracking which is around the middle of October (possibly, lol), which has to be adhered to due to our personal schedules.

We're in discussion with a couple of reputable labels right now about licensing the rights to 'On Strange Loops', any other labels interested please get in touch.

The three albums we released on Candlelight Records (Forever Advancing...... Legions, Worlds Beyond The Veil, Behind The Shadows Lie Madness) are all long out of print, and Candlelight have returned the rights to us, ending our relationship with them and opening up future possibilities for those albums. Cheers, Leon and Rayner

Thursday 13th June, 2013

A Band shot studio diary from the 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' session in 2003 has been uploaded to the Mithras YouTube page. Click the link below to check it out! WORLDS DRUM DIARY

Friday 12th April, 2013

We're having a sale - 25% has been taken off the price of everything in the Mithras webstore (which features T-Shirts, CDs and Hoodies), making this a perfect time to get hold anything you don't already own! MITHRAS WEBSTORE (or click the merchandise button above). In other news, the Mithras forum has been locked up and is now viewable in archive form here: Mithras Forum Archive (the forum was closed due to everyone migrating onto social networks over the last few years). The forum may reopen at a later date, but for now, RIP.

Saturday 26th January, 2013

Every 'Time Never Lasts' t-shirt now comes with a free CD promo copy of the Time Never Lasts EP! There are a few hoodies available with the same offer also. TIME NEVER LASTS T-SHIRT OFFER

Thursday 24th January, 2013

A band shot studio diary from the 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' session in 2001 was recently uploaded to the Mithras YouTube page, check it out below! LEGIONS STUDIO DIARY

Thursday 27th September, 2012

Coming soon, new Mithras t-shirts based on the 'Time Never Lasts' artwork. The shirts will be available in sizes m-xxl and will be priced at £9.99. We're going to do a short run of pullover hoodies with the same design. Anyone who wants a hoodie (which will be £19.99 plus p&p) or an xxxl shirt (which will be £9.99 but a preorder) please email us at! TIME NEVER LASTS SHIRTS

Saturday 15th September, 2012

A video featuring a preview of some demoed tracks set for the forthcoming Mithras album, titled "On Strange Loops" (scheduled for 2013) has been uploaded to YouTube at the following location: ON STRANGE LOOPS DEMO REEL

Monday 6th August, 2012

After the high takeup for the 'Time Never Lasts' CD sale, we've put the 'Sands Of Time' CD release onsale for a short time for half price - £3.99, so anyone who hasn't got hold of this limited edition release now has a chance to do so! SANDS OF TIME CD

Thursday 26th July, 2012

If you haven't already purchased the recent 'Time Never Lasts' 5 track E.P, it is onsale for a short time for £1.99, so grab it now! TIME NEVER LASTS EP

Friday 22nd June, 2012

Mithras have announced that their next album is to be titled 'On Strange Loops'. The band are currently in the studio doing preproduction work and finishing off the writing process with the album recording session slated to begin on the 21st of December 2012.

Thursday 31st May, 2012

Due to popular demand and many emails requests, the 'Sands Of Time - Early Demos & Rarities' CD has finally been repressed so get your orders in! These editions are marked as the limited 2nd edition pressing, are not hand numbered this time and are a bit cheaper as a result. You can also buy a copy of our last full length for the paltry sum of £3.99! Check out our shop on the "merchandise" link or just click here Mithras webstore

Thursday 9th February, 2012

Hey everyone, here's an update on our progress with the writing sessions for the new Mithras album.

We've got a fair number of tracks completed but every time we finish one we have a new idea for another one, so this record will probably be quite epic compared to 'Behind The Shadows...' The album is generally themed around time and the cosmos, and man's place therein....

As regards how we're working on this new record - the answer is a bit differently this time. On previous records I would write all the rhythms and leads and arrange the song more or less before even playing it to anyone, then Rayner and I would meet at the rehearsal studio, add bass lines, tweak drum arrangements and practice the tracks to the point of near insanity.

To try something new, this time I'm coming up with loose ideas thematically/musically speaking, and then we're sitting down in my studio recording and putting each track together piece by piece, adding drums and bass and trying all sorts of arrangements for the tracks before working on the lyrics and vocal arrangements. As always I've been coming up with most of the actual "music" but Rayner's been arranging it with me, making loads of suggestions and adding some music too. With both of us inputting, the writing process is going really well and we're enjoying it a lot.

As to when we're going to be doing live shows again; for a while we were seriously considering doing some live shows and re-assembling our live line-up but recently had to decide against it as we don't want to slow up the writing process and want to concentrate on the new album, at least for the meantime.

As to how it sounds, unsurprisingly it's very "Mithras-esque" but with a different overall atmosphere to the other records. Elements of it hark back to each of our previous albums (and even further back) but it also pushes the ideas we've been developing over the last few records further forward. It's generally less mechanical and pounding than 'Shadows...' in places crazier than 'Worlds' and in others as savage as 'Forever Advancing...... Legions'. That's not really a very helpful description but it's the best I can come up with for the meantime!


Leon Macey

Wednesday 16th November, 2011

Leon recently completed an in depth interview for SickDrummer magazine, and the issue in question is available to read for free online, see the below link and flick to page 70:

Tuesday 25th October, 2011

Here's direct links to the web banners promoting the 'Time Never Lasts' EP in case anyone fancies sharing them online:

The EP has been in stock for a few weeks, and can be purchased in the Mithras webstore here

Monday 19th September, 2011

Lyrics from the album 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' have been used as part of a story written by author Ian Sales and may be the first sci-fi story related to a death metal album; titled 'Words Beyond The Veil' Ian's story is available in issue 33 of Jupiter Magazine: 'Jupiter 33: Euanthe', available here in hardcopy and for kindle here. It's also well worth checking out Ian's blog which is here

Thursday 1st September, 2011

We're still waiting for the "Time Never Lasts" CDs to reach us from the manufacturer, but preorders are now open. Anyone pre-ordering will receive some Mithras logo stickers along with the CD.

Friday 19th August, 2011

A video previewing the upcoming 'Time Never Lasts' EP is now available on the MithrasYouTube page, click the following link to see the video:


The EP tracklisting is as follows:

T1 Time Never Lasts
T2 Inside The Godmind
T3 Tomb Of Kings (live)
T4 Wrath Of God (live)
T5 Beyond The Eyes Of Man (live)

The release date is slated for 1st September and will be available in CD format from and as a download from all major platforms on the same date.

Tuesday 12th July, 2011

As a taster of what's to come on the next Mithras album (which is currently scheduled for a 2012 release) and to mark Rayner Coss' return to the band, Mithras are soon releasing a five-track ep titled 'Time Never Lasts'. As well as working versions of two brand new tracks, the EP features three live tracks from Rayner's last live show with the band, recorded in London in 2008.

The EP tracklisting is as follows:

T1 Time Never Lasts
T2 Inside The Godmind
T3 Tomb Of Kings (live)
T4 Wrath Of God (live)
T5 Beyond The Eyes Of Man (live)

The release date is slated for 1st September and will be available in CD format from and as a download from all major platforms on the same date.

Saturday 28th May, 2011

Mithras would like to announce the return of long time frontman/bassist Rayner Coss, who left back in 2008.

Rayner “Firstly, it's good to be back! When I departed in 2008, Leon and I had been playing in bands together non-stop for over 12 years, and for various reasons I was finding it really difficult dedicating the necessary amount of time and attention to Mithras. But, during the near three years I've been away, my situation has changed to the point where I'm able to fully concentrate on the band again. We've gone straight to work on the new record, which Leon already had a lot of ideas down for and so far it's been the easiest writing process we've ever had, which is really promising”

Leon “It's great to be working with a re-energised Rayner on new material again, and the tracks we're developing for the next album are sounding incredible. Even though I needed a rest and had put Mithras practically on hiatus for the last six months, I already had a fair amount of material demoed up which I'd been working on solo. It's only taken a month to get Rayner up to speed with where I'm at with everything and it's also extra great because I don't need to record the vocals myself now, haha! So for the next record, we'll be sticking to the formula which worked great on all our others, Rayner Coss - Oratory/Bass and Leon Macey – Guitars/Drums”

The yet to be titled follow-up to the critically acclaimed 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' (released via Candelight Records in 2007) is due sometime in 2012...

Thursday 14th April, 2011

Mithras 'Sands Of Time' is now available for download via CDBaby:

Also available via Napster, ITunes, Amazon mp3 and most major download platforms.

All the regular cd copies are long gone but a few limited edition packages are still available from the Mithras webshop

Friday 11th March, 2011

From the limited edition 1st pressing of the retrospective 'Sands Of Time' compilation (100 cds which were all hand numbered, signed by Leon Macey and Rayner Coss and which are long sold out), the first 10 copies were reserved and are now available for sale as part of 2 packages aimed at diehard fans of the band only!


Limited edition 'Sands Of Time' CD, hand numbered (between 1 and 10) and signed by both Leon Macey and Rayner Coss plus the other contributors Liam Kavanagh, Steve Crompton and Justin Joyce.
Set of numbered Mithras drumsticks (custom made to Leon's specification)
'Worlds Beyond The Veil' playback session invite card
Signed Mithras promo picture
Original 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' flyer
Original 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' flyer


Limited edition 'Sands Of Time' CD, hand numbered (between 1 and 10) and signed by both Leon Macey and Rayner Coss plus the other contributors Liam Kavanagh, Steve Crompton and Justin Joyce.
'Worlds Beyond The Veil' playback session invite card
Signed Mithras promo picture
Original 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' flyer

Please visit the Mithras bigcartel site for ordering information

Sunday 5th September, 2010

Hey everyone.

Here's a few bits of (hopefully!) interesting news. I've uploaded a demo version of a new song from the (currently untitled) upcoming Mithras album to Myspace, Facebook, Last FM and YouTube (coming soon). The track in question is called 'Time Never Lasts', and is a demo recording of one of the tracks which... makes up the new record; meaning almost everything on the track will be re-recorded for the album proper. This track isn't necessarily one of the most ambitious on the record, but is very "Mithras-esque", who'd have thought it! Writing for the next record is still well underway, but since it's been so long since 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' came out I wanted to give a tangible update regarding my progress. Thanks to Lee du-Caine for helping me get such a good mix on the track too, which shows a little bit of where we're going to go sonically with this one when we hit the studio.

As anyone who's heard the track might have noticed, and some people are already aware; in addition to playing guitar and drums, I'm also doing vocals and bass on this track. So here comes the next announcement: the next Mithras record is going to be me flying solo, playing all the instruments and doing vocals. This was in some ways a very hard decision to make, but in other ways an astoundingly easy one, which I think is going to work out for the best for me personally, and isn't really a reflection on anyone else. I was fortunate enough to have many viable options on this record as to who could perform on it (from live and ex-members) but after very careful consideration regarding practicalities and all the hard work which goes into a new record, not to mention much soul searching, I decided the best possible outcome for the record was for me to work alone.

Expounding on previous news announcements, Mithras live shows and any other musical projects are firmly off my agenda for the near future, so I can concentrate totally on the new record. Once the new record is in the can I'd like to play some shows and hopefully I can hook up with some of my comrades to do so.


Leon Macey

Friday 23rd July, 2010

"Here's a long overdue update re: my future plans for Mithras and the next Mithras record.

Since early 2008, I've almost entirely concentrated on making Mithras a viable live proposition. We'd done so few live shows over the previous 10 years and never reached the level I aspired to, in terms of prof...essionalism, performance and passion. So it's with great pleasure I write that with our last show at SWR festival in Portugal, and the rehearsals leading up to that show, we finally managed to represent the music and atmospheres from the records in the way I always wanted, with all members firing on all cylinders. This was a definite highpoint for me. Unfortunately, such moments never seem to last for Mithras and it seems likely our live drummer Sean will be departing the UK for an unknown period of time, which means Mithras as a live band is effectively on hiatus. Hopefully, Sean will return one day soon to take up his place behind the drums, as I'm not going to spend time actively seeking another live drummer having spent the best part of the last 11 years doing so.

It's worth saying right now that for a variety of reasons, the last few years of Mithras have been a testing period for me personally. Considering Mithras almost came to a close a few times during that period, I'm proud to be able to look back over the last two years to a string of successful shows including some big overseas festivals, so huge thanks to all my other band members and to everyone who turned out to see us play at the shows.

Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons such as the amount of time and effort required to get the live band going and just keep it on track, not to mention plenty of drama along the way meant I wasn't able to get "in the zone" and make any fruitful forays at writing any new material for the next record.

The good news is that now with no other distractions, my attention is now fully turned to working on the new record in isolation in my studio and will be concentrating all my creative energies on it for the near future. There isn't a current timescale for when the album needs to be finished and I do not yet know in what format it'll be released, whether via a record label or otherwise but in the interim, here's a few prospective song titles:

Time Never Lasts
Dream Of God
When The Stars Align

Until the next time,

Leon Macey

Tuesday 13th July, 2010

You can now purchase the most recent Mithras album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' direct from the band for £4 including postage/tax in the UK! Postage worldwide is only an additional £2.
The 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' T-Shirt is still available.

Thursday 1st July, 2010

Unfortunately Mithras are unable to perform at Bloodstock Open Air in August this year. Our current live drummer will be out of the country for work and we don't have time to find a replacement. Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to seeing us play.

Wednesday 09th June, 2010

A band shot video of Mithras performing the track 'Behind The Shadows' has been uploaded to YouTube, featuring returning drummer Sean Broster and new guitarist Tom Hyde, check it out!

Wednesday 14th April, 2010

Mithras are pleased to announce their appearance at the UK's Bloodstock Open Air festival 2010. Playing the Sophie Lancaster Stage on the auspicious date of Friday the 13th August, 2010!

Check out for more details.

The first 100 copies are hand numbered CDrs and are available on a first-come first-served basis.

The first 10 of these will be available to buy in a few weeks as a 'special package' with signatures from other members and an A4 poster; to avoid any further delays to the release date the remaining 90 are ALL signed by both Rayner Coss and Leon Macey and are available to order now:

The CD costs £8 including tax and postage in the UK, and £11 including tax and postage outside the UK.

A sample of the track "Gods Among Men" is currently on the Mithras Myspace player.

Full SANDS OF TIME tracklisting:
1 Gods Among Men (re-recorded 2003 pre 'Worlds...')
2 Ancient Prophecy (re-recorded 2003 pre 'Worlds...')
3 The Caller And The Listener (from 'Bequeath Thy Visions' demo)
4 Bequeath Thy Visions (from 'Bequeath Thy Visions' demo)
5 Transcedence (from 'Bequeath Thy Visions' demo)
6 Vae Solis (from 'Dreaming In Splendour MCD')
7 Dreaming In Splendour (from 'Dreaming In Splendour MCD')
8 Wrath Of God (from 'Dreaming In Splendour MCD')
9 Tomb Of Kings (from 'Tomb Of Kings' demo)
10 As The Wind Blows (from 'Tomb Of Kings' demo)
11 Conquered Realms (from 'Gods Among Men' MCD)
12 Gods Among Men (from 'Gods Among Men' MCD)
13 Ancient Prophecy (from 'Gods Among Men' MCD)
14 Plagued Lands (from 'Gods Among Men' MCD)

Wednesday 31st March, 2010

Mithras are pleased to announce they'll be rejoined by live drummer Sean 'Brutal' Broster (ex-Sarpanitum - UK brutal death metal) at their next live show - the 13th SWR metal festival in Barosellas, Portugal, 1st May. This marks a return for Sean who was live drummer for Mithras between the years 2004 to 2006. SWR will also be the first live show for new guitarist Tom Hyde (also ex-Sarpanitum) and the band are looking forward to bringing some brutal atmospherics to the Portugese metal hordes!

Check out for more details.


Also, check out the band shot videos from Mithras' UK tour at the end of 2009, now available on YouTube:



We're looking for someone who is familiar with our material with a decent level of live show experience. Applicants must have their own professional level guitar equipment and be able to travel to the midlands to rehearse. They must also be a resident of the UK and hold a full passport.

We use two different guitar tunings A# and drop C# (detailed on the Mithras forum in the FAQ section).

Applicants must send a link to a video (preferably) or send an audio recording in mp3 format of them playing the song 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' - full tablature available here:

Please send all submissions to

('Legions' T-Shirt - £12 / 'Shadows' CD £6 when purchased individually)

The 'Forever Advancing Legions' T-Shirt, features cover artwork created by Desmond Sia (Impiety, Angel Corpse, Abhorrence, Profanatica) and is available in sizes Medium, Large, X Large.

To buy or for more details, please visit the following link:
Browse all current Mithras merchandise at the following link:

We had an awesome time, kicking it off to a very busy room at Damnation Festival 2009 in Leeds, and followed that up with two headlining shows in Edinburgh and Exeter.

We drove over 1100 miles in three days, and drove for 11 hours solid to get from Edinburgh to the Exeter show . Hails to our crew and everyone who helped make the shows a success!

Video footage from the shows will be on the Mithras YouTube page soon!

Mithras post Exeter show (photo by Kayleigh Rhiannon Crabtree)

Video footage of Leon Macey (Mithras guitarist) breaking down the first solo from the track 'The Caller And The Listener' (taken from the album 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' recorded 2003, released on Candlelight Records 2004) has been posted to the band's YouTube page.

The video shows the solo performed at full speed, then shows each section of the solo broken down and played slower, ending with the backing track so other guitarists can have a go at playing the solo themselves.

Check the video out here:

Available very soon - a new Mithras T-Shirt based on the cover artwork for our debut album 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' created by Desmond Sia (Impiety, Angel Corpse, Abhorrence, Profanatica).

The shirts are £12 inc p&p/VAT inside the UK, £15 inc p&p/VAT everywhere else. The shirts are available in sizes medium-xxl.


Videos from Mithras' performance at Brutal Assault 2009 are online now. Showcasing their second ever live performance with new vocalist / bassist Sam Bean, this show also marks Mithras' first ever international performance.

The videos were shot by Mithras' soundman Rob Morris from the mixing console.

Click on the links to view the videos.

Alternatively, you can watch all our videos in the video player embedded on our site and myspace page.

Metalreview just posted an interview with Mithras guitarist Leon Macey, check it out at the following link:

Metalreview interview

Full details for Mithras' debut Scottish show, their appearance at the Unholy Assault weekend have been announced.

Mithras headlining day 2, with support from Scythian, Burial,and Haar.

Please check the live page for more information regarding all upcoming shows..

Videos from Mithras' debut overseas performance at Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic are now on YouTube.Band footage will be available soon, but until then here's some audience member videos:

These videos can be viewed on the myspace video player also. Thanks to the respective festival goers for shooting the videos!

Mithras are pleased to announce they are now confirmed to play Damnation festival / Edinburgh Black Metal Weekend on the 24th/25th of October. This will be our first appearance at the well known fest, and our first ever Scottish show, so we're looking forward to both!

Damnation Festival - October 24th

Edinburgh Black Metal Weekend- October 25th

Mithras headlining day 2 of the festival.More details tba!

Please check the live page for more information regarding both shows.

Leon recently completed an interview with where the questions were fielded by forum members and by email submission. The completed feature is now online at the following location:


Video footage from the first show with new vocalist / bassist Sam Bean has been added to the Mithras YouTube page: -


Tuesday 14th July, 2009

Mithras are playing a warmup to Brutal Assault in Rushden, Northants on the 19th July. Mithras onstage 10-11pm. Check the lives page for more details!

Leon Macey just completed an interview for Abort Magazine, talking about both the past and future of Mithras: Click the below link for a preview and check out issue 12!

Abort Magazine Mithras Interview

Mithras will be playing Brutal Assault Festival (Czech Republic) this year alongside bands such as Hate Eternal, Suffocation, Krisiun, Immortal, and many more. Mithras will be playing on the 6th August (opening day) slot TBA. This will be the band's first overseas show in it's history!


Mithras are now ready to play live with their new line-up featuring new vocalist Sam Bean (The Berzerker / The Senseless) and are now booking up shows for the rest of 2009. Interested promoters please get in touch asap.

Live video footage of the track 'Tomb Of Kings' from Mithras' headlining performance at the Day Of Unrest show (14th December 2008) has been posted on the band's YouTube page, click the following link to view:

The video online is just a rough taster of the show, recorded with two cameras and professionally recorded, then mixed and edited at Dreaming Studios by Mithras guitarist Leon Macey. Songs from the show will feature on the forthcoming Mithras release titled 'Sands Of Time', which marks the 10 year milestone of the bands existence. 'Sands Of Time' will be released concurrently in two parts, a CD showcasing unreleased Mithras material, all the band's released demos and some rarities all given the remastering treatment; and a DVD crammed with live footage from various shows, studio footage and rehearsals. A release date will be announced soon.

The December show was longtime frontman/bassist Rayner Coss's swansong performance with Mithras, as he departed the band after the show and was then replaced in early 2009 by new fromtman Sam Bean (The Berzerker / The Senseless). The band are currently rehearsing with the new line-up, gearing up for live shows in the summer and are booking shows now. Anyone interested in booking Mithras please get in touch.

At the top of the myspace player is a musical interpretation of the track 'Psyrens' from the album 'Worlds Beyond The Veil', performed by new drummer Ben White.

Ok, I've been clearing out the studio and have found a set of sticks and the snare head used on 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness', both are signed and beaten to shit!

These will probably make good collectors items for someone, whereas if they stay here I'll probably callously chuck them in the dustbin with the other 50 beaten to shit heads and broken sticks I'm chucking!

I'll throw in a signed 'Shadows...' promo and maybe some other bits and pieces too.

So, to win the stuff, answer the following question:

What was the name of the band's original rhythm guitarist?

Don't post your answer here, email it to **** with your name and address and I'll randomly draw a winner on the 14th of March!


Mithras would like to welcome Sam Bean (The Senseless / ex-The Berzerker) into the fold as their new vocalist / bassist. Sam was the only person asked to audition for the spot and dominated the tracks chosen for the audition with his brutal vocal delivery and deft basswork.

Founder/guitarist Leon Macey commented:

"Since joining Sam in his band The Senseless back in 2007 (as drummer) we've been working together closely on the new The Senseless record 'The Floating World', so I know we gel extremely well musically and have a similar attitude and vision. This combined with the huge amount of band/live/industry experience he has from all the work he's done with The Berzerker makes him the perfect guy to take the role and help lift Mithras to the next level. We're going to get gig ready asap then simultaneously start slaying audiences while working some more on the new Mithras record."

Sam commented "I'm a long-time Mithras fan, so this is pretty sweet. I've always seen Mithras as being one of the top UK death metal bands and have listened to them often, wondering how amazing the material would sound live. Looks like I get to find out now! Rayner's shoes are big ones to fill - figuratively, literally, - and I hope to do justice to his great work. It's also good to be working with Leon and Ben, two powerhouse dudes who share the same taste in brutal, freaky, evil music. I want to get out onto stage, throw down, and bring in a new era for the band and death metal in general. This year, we're going to rock you." Sam continued "The audition was great, third song in I blew up the bass cab. I take this as an auspicious sign."

Drummer Ben said "so after a relaxed but blasting audition with Sam it seems that he is bursting with enthusiasm to fuel the fire! I reckon working with Sam will be great and that Mithras can now progress even further into the torrent of atmospheric blasting! So Mithras troops, prepare yourselves! Cap'n Mithras and co are brewing up a shit storm of big gigs and a new record that will blow your socks off!"

Sam rounds out the Mithras lineup, which is currently Leon Macey (guitars), Ben White (drums) and Sam Bean (vocals/bass). Mithras' third album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' was released worldwide by Candlelight Records in April 2007.


Sunday 7th December , 2008

"Well with the news out that Rayner is leaving Mithras, it's a confusing time for me, one of reflections, revelations, exaltations and portentous generally.

Rayner and myself formed Mithras way back in 1998, when we were both 18. Back then we had some band experience but wanted to start afresh with a new project and see where it led us. Little did we realise that ten years later we'd be here still! Across those ten years we recorded three albums (and a horde of unreleased material), went through innumerable line-up changes, put in thousands of rehearsal hours, experienced a lot of what life can throw at you while changing and growing as people. The road was rewarding, I achieved great satisfaction from writing and performing and having people enjoy our works and the total immersion experience and atmosphere the band provided around the time of 'Legions...' and 'Worlds...'.

But the road was also difficult; Mithras originally being intended to be a full band, we could never solidify a line-up with another drummer which meant I undertook a greater burden than most, by filling the roles of both drummer and guitarist while being the main composer. While this proved a strength due to me being willing to put aside a lot of what most would call "normal life" to concentrate on both roles and perform them to a higher level than most people can afford the practice time to do, it was also a huge burden on me, and one I'd subconsciously try and shake off whenever a potential drummer came along.

Throughout the band history, I always had to be the do-er in the band, but as time went on, I found myself increasingly isolated and responsible for almost everything band related, which was a huge pressure on me, and made something which was originally my artistic love into a difficult and frustrating challenge and hard to reconcile or separate from my life outside the band. Unfortunately this came at the time when we had one of the biggest opportunities to take the band up to another level, but due to the above we never managed to capitalise on it in the way we could have.

After over 12 years of playing music together, Rayner is like a brother to me but has a lot of other interests outside of music which he dedicates his time to and while it's sad that a chapter of the band has closed, I've got to get back to the reasons behind me making music in the first place; this is a good time for both me and Rayner to go our separate ways musically speaking.

News about what's next for Mithras will come in time, but we've got many options on the table right now, and potential candidates threatening to push rivals down the stairs if that's what it takes!

In the meantime, our first gig in three years is also Rayner's last. I can honestly say that while the past six months have been very difficult for all of us in Mithras, we're also playing way better as a live unit than any previous line-up and representing the songs extremely well. If you catch the show on the 14th of December you'll see Rayner at the peak of his powers and a band behind him gearing up for the future.

Time waits for no man..."

Leon Macey


Rayner Coss



We last played a live show back in July 2005 in Birmingham, so to say we're eager to return to the stage is an understatement! We're really looking forward to getting onstage and giving the new songs from 'Behind The Shadows...' a good airing.

Click on the flyer below to enlarge or the link below to purchase advance tickets, capacity is limited so booking is advised!



Rayner Coss (oratory/bass) says of Ben's return: "It's great to have Ben, one of our former members back in the band; he knows the material fantastically and is perfect for the role. We auditioned him and he nailed 11 songs taken from all our albums right off the bat, so we're really excited and looking forward to getting on stage for some shows asap!"

Of Ben's rejoining the band, Leon Macey (guitars) reveals that he "got in touch with Ben almost out of the blue during the drum auditions period to gather some material for our upcoming release, but one thing led to another and now we're slaying the tracks in the rehearsal room!"

And the man in question, Ben White (drums), adds: "Fate it seems has dealt a good card for us all! It was really cool when Mithras got back in touch again and as we have all evolved as musicians it seems to work better than ever now. It's good to be back!"

Mithras would like to thank all the drummers who applied for the position and sent in audio and videos. Best of luck with your future projects.


With this line-up Mithras are now ready to perform live shows and are available for bookings. Please go to the following page to contact the band for shows:
Contact Mithras


Rough videos from a recent rehearsal are now online, including a performance of the title track from the latest Mithras album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness', check them out!

Here's the guitar tablature for the track 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' from the album... you guessed it! 'Worlds Beyond The Veil'. I've not really followed tab convention with this, as I don't use tab at all EVER!! However it should be understandable to most people.

Any questions, please post in the forum thread linked below and I'll try and answer them.




To complete our live line-up we'll soon be auditioning for a rhythm guitarist, the criteria for which will be posted as soon as I can knock some tab together for a song or two, watch this space!



“I really enjoyed working with Candlelight, both with them reissuing our first two albums 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' and 'Worlds Beyond The Veil', not to mention our first release proper for them, 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness'. However, as a band, both Rayner (Coss – vocals / bass) and I decided that rather than enter into the gruelling task of starting up discussions with interested labels, we’d sign the band to my own label Galactic for our next release. It was a logical step to take - at least we know who we’re dealing with at Galactic, and they’re top notch guys, of course - lol!” "

Firstoff, we're no longer signed to Candlelight Records. Although we signed with them for a possible three albums (of which 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' was the first), Candlelight decided not to take up the option in our contract for what we're just calling "album four" atm, giving the reason that we don't tour. While we're not particularly disgruntled by this, it did come as a bit of a surprise given the fact we made them aware we weren't a touring band when they signed us (and we signed as a duo). However, the music industry has changed a lot over the last few years and it is definitely a different and harder market these days. Nonetheless, it was a great experience working with Candlelight on 'Behind The Shadows...' and we wish them all the best for the future. Work continues on album four as I type this...

But rather than start a hunt for a new record label and go through agonising negotiations, we've taken the astoundingly obvious and logical step of signing to my own label Galactic Records for our next release, which is scheduled to be an extensive double cd package and celebrates the 10th anniversary of Mithras. More details to follow...

In other news, we're pleased to say there's a Mithras feature in the March/Apr 08 issue of legendary magazine Metal Maniacs, check it out!


Leon here. Well it's been wayyy to long since the last news update! However there's been a load going on behind the scenes (that's my excuse anyway)...

Firstoff, you may have noticed we finally have a snazzy new website, so many thanks to Alex York who's been slaving away designing it for the last two months and patiently (painfully) waiting for me to send stuff over for him to add...

The new site is much more in depth yet concise, with extra sections and is much easier to use than the old site. Check out the new Discography section and the "Extended Release Info" buttons for each release, which feature explanations relating to the lyrics and soon to come "Behind The Scenes" sections - basically notes and anecdotes about each release and the genesis behind the albums / recording sessions etc. There are also plenty of new photos (and old unseen ones) added to the photo gallery in the media section, so be sure to check them out.

We also have a brand new updated forum skin themed similarly to the website (also courtesy of Alex) which has replaced the tired Solaris one which served us well, so check it out in the media section of this site or at the usual address.

There's much on the horizon for Mithras in the next two years, but I'll leave any teasing till a bit later in the month...



Hi everyone.

I'm sad to announce that Sean Broster is no longer drumming for Mithras. We'd like to thank Sean for all the effort and time he's put into the band over the years, it's certainly been a "blast".

Back in 2004, Sean destroyed everyone else in the audition stage and joined as our "live" drummer, and later accepted a role as our main drummer for our (then in progress) new album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness'. Rayner (Coss - Bass/Vocals) and I always intended Mithras to be a three piece band so we could record albums and also do shows with relative ease, so we were really pleased with this development.

However, Sean decided he had to step down and return to just being our "live" drummer at the tail end of 2005, during the writing sessions for the new album. Unfortunately and like previous albums, this meant I had to get back on the Mithras drum seat full time as well as handling all the guitars. It also meant we had to put all our live plans on hold and concentrate on completing 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' as a two piece once again.

After years of work and delays, 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' has recently been released worldwide on Candlelight Records, and the fantastic responses it’s getting from both the press and fans (new and old) is amazing and really encouraging, so thanks to everyone who's supported us so far!

We recently decided to have a shot at assembling a live line-up purely to do some shows in support of 'Shadows...' and had some rehearsals with Sean and Alex de Moller (Scythian) as live session musicians. After a while, it became clear to Rayner and I that it was going to take an immense amount of rehearsal time and a herculean effort to get to the stage where they could accurately represent the material from our albums, something not helped by both the sheer complexity of the new material and the fact everyone had other commitments. Sadly, this made the situation unworkable for us, so we'd like to publicly thank Sean and Alex for giving it a shot.

Since stepping down as a full member of Mithras in 2005, Sean went on to join the UK’s Sarpanitum, an up-coming extreme metal band. Sarpanitum were the first signing to the newly established UK label Galactic Records, which I founded recently (; and their highly recommended debut album 'Despoilment Of Origin' is out now - death metal fans everywhere seem to be bang into it, so be sure to check it out!


Leon Macey (guitars/drums)

'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' T-Shirts are now available, please click here to visit our new online merch store and view the new shirts and our available merchandise.

'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' was released on the 16th of April in the UK, and will be released on the 6th of May in the USA. New T-Shirts featuring the incredible cover artwork painted by Dan Seagrave will soon be available.

The release date for 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' has been reinstated to the 16th of April.

The 3rd album from Mithras entitled 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' has finally been completed.

A preview track from the new album entitled 'To Where The Sun Never Leaves' has been uploaded to the Mithras MySpace page. To listen to the track click here. A test preview of the artwork has also been uploaded to the MySpace page.

The release date for 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' has been pushed back to the 28th of May.

Mithras' long awaited 3rd album, 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' will be released on the 16th of April 2007 through Candlelight Records.

Finally, after countless set-backs and what seems like a near eternity, Mithras are now completing work on their third album entitled 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness', the follow-up to 2003's critically acclaimed 'Worlds Beyond The Veil'. The recording line up is as follows:

Leon Macey - guitars / drums
Rayner Coss - oratory / bass

'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' is being recorded, mixed and produced at Dreaming Studios and will be released through Candlelight records worldwide. The cover art has been painted by renowned artist Dan Seagrave and will be unveiled nearer the release date (tba)

Mithras would like to welcome new live guitarist Alex de Moller (of underground London based band Scythian) into the fold.

The Mithras live lineup is now:

Rayner Coss - Oratory / Bass
Leon Macey - Lead Guitar
Alex de Moller - Rhythm Guitar
Sean Broster - Drums

Mithras hope to be gigging towards the end of the year in support of the new album 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' (more news and release tba) with what promise to be their most intense live shows yet. Promoters interested in booking the band, please email

Song writing for 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' is now completed and the album will feature 12 tracks. Mithras will soon enter Dreaming Studios to record the entire album, which will be produced by Leon Macey and Rayner Coss and will be completed over the next few months.

Mithras hope to gig and tour in support of the new album later in the year and an annoucement about their touring line-up will be made in due course.

Hi everyone,
Rayner and I thought we'd give you a small taster of one of our rehearsal recordings:

Behind The Shadows Rehearsal Sample mp3

This file is short snippets of the songs 'To Fall From The Heavens', 'Behind The Shadows' and 'Thrown Upon The Waves' all mixed together into one file.

The samples were recorded using a minidisc player and small sony mic about head height 2 foot behind me and my drumkit. This doesn't represent anything other than us playing normally at rehearsal, but it give you a small idea where we are going.

We're sad to say Lee du-Caine is no longer live guitarist for Mithras.

Here's what Lee had to say:

Hallo everyone,
There’s not so much to say here except to wish Mithras all the best for a smooth and fruitful future. Although at first it might seem like the band have hit another “bump” here, I think things will work out better for everyone concerned this way. Mithras gigs have been thin on the ground over the past few years due to circumstances beyond our control; that’s something that’s been at least as disappointing for us as for those of you wanting to see a performance. Nevertheless, there have still been plenty of personal highlights that have made it worthwhile, such as sharing the bill with Bal-Sagoth in London, terrorizing the audience at later gigs with my spontaneous solo spots (and terrorizing the band at rehearsal with renditions of “Frosty The Snowman”), and of course all those gruelling days in the studio during the “Worlds” sessions (it’s hard work pushing those faders!). Roll on “Shadows”!

We'd like to thank Lee for his contribution to the band over the years (2002-2006). As he said it really wasn't an easy ride, with obstacles at every turn, so we'd like to wish him the best for the future.

Atm our live line up comprises Rayner, myself and Sean. An announcement will be made when / if we have any further news about our live line up.

Onto album news, In terms of 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness':

We've got all the song titles now and the album is getting closer to completion (but always seems so damn far away!). We'll be entering the studio soonish to record the drums (once i'm a bit happier with my drum performance).

The album is likely to have 12 tracks, here's some titles:

Into Black Holes Of Oblivion
Under The Three Spheres
The Twisted Tower
To Fall From The Heavens
Thrown Upon The Waves
Behind The Shadows

The cover artwork is about completed and I'm proud to announce it's been painted by none other than Dan Seagrave who has done a fantastic job bringing the concept to life for the album cover, it's incredible.

More news as it transpires.

Live videos from the band's last gig at Edwards No.8 in Birmingham 31/07/05 have been uploaded to the videos page, you can see them here. Thanks to Mark Broster for sending them in and Peter Broster for shooting them and also to Adam Chapman for editing them and brightening them up a bit. They are low quality visually, and only short, but it's all we have video wise atm.

Behind The Shadows... is progressing really well and is on target to be finished on time. Watch this space for more information and updates.

Archive photos from the band's history have been added to the site, you can view them here.

A new mp3 of the song 'Ancient Prophecy' has been added to the media section.

The song was originally recorded in 1999 and included as part of the limited edition 'Gods Among Men' mcd (back when the band were named Imperator).

Mithras re-recorded 3 of the tracks from said mcd when they got offered some free studio time (a friend needed to record them for a project towards his sound engineering qualification) at the start of 2003. The intention was simply to knock the tracks out as fast as possible and have fun, so the tracks aren't perfect. These re-recorded tracks will hopefully be released at some point. This track is a low resolution rough mix and should hopefully appease some of the people who haven't heard any of the older songs.

Album 3 is tentatively titled 'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness' and is progressing well.

Some of the song titles so far:

'Behind The Shadows Lie Madness'
'To Fall From The Heavens'
'Into Black Holes Of Oblivion'
'Under The Three Spheres'

More updates as they come in.

Sean Broster will not be drumming on album 3 as planned. This is down to him being "unable to commit to the extensive rehearsals needed before going into the studio". This is very dissapointing to the other members after the amount of rehearsal and planning we have done thus far.

Leon will be retaking the drum seat for the 3rd album, the title of which will be announced soon.

All gigs Mithras had planned / booked have now been postponed until after album 3 is completed so the band can prepare as much as possible for the album with Leon on drums.

Mithras drummer Sean Broster will be performing session drums for Sarpanitum and playing live for some of their upcoming gigs until a new permanent sticksman is found.

Photos from the recent Mithras gig in Coventry have been added to the Media Section - Live Photos. Thanks to the photographers. More to come, plus some video clips.

More live shows have been added to the Tour Dates page, London shows to be announced soon.

Two brand new Mithras T Shirt designs are now available in a multitude of sizes, a Mithras 'Logo' shirt, and a colour 'Wrath Of God' shirt with backprint. Please check the merchandise page for full details and to order.

Mithras are headling an alldayer at the Coventry Jailhouse on May the 8th, in their first live show for over a year (and the first with their new drummer). Full details on the Tour Dates page. Promoters interested in booking Mithras, please email Leon for details.

Mithras are happy to announce they will be playing some live shows in the very near future, please check the Tour Dates page for shows thusfar confirmed. Promoters interested in booking Mithras, please email Leon for details.

Mithras are not able to play the Wakefield gig on April 15th as advertised, the reason being that Sean is suffering from a chest infection and needs adequate time to recover. Apologies to the other bands and anyone who was planning on making the trip to see us.

Album 3 is still in the writing stages, with recording likely to start later this year.

The Mithras picture archive is nearly completed and will be added along with the new promo shots which will be taken soon. Also, some additional interviews and reviews have been added to the relevant pages.

Mithras are very pleased to announce that their most recent recruit Sean Broster will be drumming on the as yet untitled 3rd album. This will be the follow up to the widely praised 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' and is scheduled to be recorded towards the end of 2005. Click here to see what Leon said about his shift from the drum seat and some more details on album 3.

A low quality rehearsal video of part of 'Sloping Altars' has been added to the videos page, in the media section, check it out. More videos to follow soon.

We will soon be adding a picture archive to this site, with some very old to new pictures, mostly unpublished.

Some Isolated drum mp3s from 'Worlds...' have been added to the mp3s page in the media section.

Also the site has undergone an extensive spring clean, with most pages being rejigged and updated. Some more reviews and interviews have been added to the revamped media section.

Some pictures of our new sticksman Sean Broster have been added to the media section (live photos section). More to follow soon.

Mithras are currently rehearsing for UK live shows at the start of next year and Leon is working on music which will make up the as yet untitled third album...

The search for a live drummer is now over! We were looking for someone to play live drums for us who could, specifically, play blastbeats at 280bpm+ and double bass at 250bpm+ and could also accurately replicate the drumming from both our albums.

We had applications from a number of countries. Thanks to everyone who applied / sent in material, best of luck with all your future projects.

Only one candidate made it to the final audition stage. After Sunday's audtion it was obvious that Sean Broster is the right man to occupy the Mithras live drum stool.

We auditioned Sean playing some of the hardest songs from both our albums and it was clear that his brutal and super fast, yet technical drumming style is perfect for Mithras.

Mithras will now be rehearsing extensively aiming to play some shows before the end of the year.

The reissue of our first album 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' (featuring new artwork and layout) is now on general release in the UK on Candlelight records.

We are now clearing out the 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' T shirts at the reduced price of £8. First come first served!

'Forever...' is released 17/05/04 in the UK.

An explanation of the themes and ideas behind 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' which was done as part of the interview with Panzerfaust zine has been added to the lyrics page as it's own file, so people can find it easier.

'Forever...' is released on Candlelight Records 04/05/04 in the USA and released 17/05/04 in the UK.

Mithras' forum has a new url, the old server proved a tad sluggish!

Mithras official forum

Mithras now have their own forum! The forum can be accessed by visiting this link:

Mithras official forum

Mithras would like to thank David Tooze for setting the board up and moderating it.

Today sees the re-release of 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' on Candlelight records. The album has been slightly tweaked, cleaned up and remastered from the original Golden Lake pressing, also coming soon, 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' (due 17/05/04).

'Forever...' has been cleaned up and remastered and sports a new layout to show off the artwork created by Desmond Sia (of Angelcorpse fame) which never featured on the original pressing.

Also Mithras would like to thank all the readers of Terrorizer who voted us number 10 in the best album of 2003 category, up there with the likes of Iron Maiden, Dimmu Borgir etc. It seems the T writers were more concerned voting for Therapy, The Deftones and Hatebreed ;)

MIthras are proud to annouce they have just signed a 3 album deal with
Candlelight Records. In addition to 3 new albums, Candlelight will be re-releasing the first 2 albums, 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' (due 17/05/04) and 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' (due 08/03/04).

'Forever advancing...... legions' will benefit from a new cd layout which at last includes the exclusive artwork by Desmond Sia that was originally intended for the first pressings.

Mithras would like to extend their thanks to Fraser and Graeme at Golden Lake Productions for all their hard work over the years that has helped us get to where we are.

Watch this space for further news on album number 3...

The new Mithras ' Sloping Altars' shirts featuring artwork by Desmond Sia are now available, go to the merchandise page now!

Mp3's from 'Worlds Beyond The veil' and 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' have been added to the mp3s page. More mp3's from the band's history including rare mp3's will be added soon.

Due to missunderstandings and inabiltiy to commit to Mithras, our live drummer Ben White (who has been drumming for us for few months) has parted company with Mithras at his request.

Thus we are now seeking a replacement to take the live seat, (serious individuals only) please contact,

The Sloping altars shirts really will be available very soon on the merchandise page!!

A guestbook has now been added to the contacts page, please leave us your comments!

Also coming soon, a studio report about the making of 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' sessions with exclusive video audio and pictures.

The Sloping Altars shirts will be available very soon on the merchandise page.

Recently, Sinisterweb and its associated forum has gone offline. Contray to the belief of a few misinformed persons, this was not at the request of Mithras, nor the other individual who various users have taken upon themselves to pose as and attempt to discredit in a particularly vicious manner.

Mithras welcomes and encourages opinion whether it be in the form of praise or criticism related to the band, but will NOT tolerate slanderous and or vindicative behaviour regarding or relating to the personal lives of its members and families.

Sinisterweb were asked to delete the offending postings but instead decided to shut down, which was not something we requested or expected at any time. Mithras hope that Sinisterweb is soon back online as it is a worthwhile addition to the online community.

Mithras have recently beeen awarded 10/10 album of the month in the new issue of Terrorizer magazine (issue 114, November) copies onsale now. please check it out! Cheers to Stuart Banks for the review.

T shirts are now available on the merchandise page, based around the new album artwork. Cheers to for sorting it for us, and the Detrimentum guys for arranging the artwork in the first place.

Reviews and links to reviews of the new album will be online shortly.

The new album is finally with us! Please see the merchandise page for ordering details!

Mithras have a 4 page feature in the new issue of Terrorizer magazine (issue 113, October), please check it out!

2 sets of T shirts are now being printed based on the artwork for the new album, and also based around the 'Sloping altars' design Desmond Sia did for the first album.

Due to a technical error the new album has been slightly delayed, but should be available within the next week or so.

Here's the press release regarding the new album: -

"At last, the groundbreaking new album from the UK's elite extreme metal
band. With 'Worlds beyond the veil' Mithras have crafted an album that will
change your perception of music forever! Mixing thunderous blasts with epic,
dreamy and psychedelic soundscapes, this album doesn't just push the
boundaries, it smashes them to pieces! On their debut album 'Forever......
advancing legions' the band mastered the art of death metal; now they are
taking their music further, to worlds far beyond any reached before. This is
an album which is awe-inspiring, enchanting, unique and devastating in its
sheer brilliance".

Mp3s of some of the new tracks will be added soon to the media page.

We have a big feature in the new Terrorizer magazine (issue 113 October 2003 on sale 3rd october) wherein Rayner and Leon discuss the themes and ideas behind the new album. Be sure to check it out!

'Worlds Beyond The Veil' was finished on on Friday the 12th of September and is being pressed now! The tracklisting and cover art has been added to the discography page. Lyrics and more info will follow as soon as the album is released, along wth ordering details for all the Mithras merchandise.

We have a new web address! The new address is, please update your bookmarks, as the current address wont remain active for that much longer. At the moment, its just a redirect service to the current site.

The playback session of the unmastered new album 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' will take place upstairs at The Plough public house; opposite Atlantis bookshop, Museum street ,WC1 London at 18.30 pm tonight. Nearest tube stations: - Holborn and Tottenham court road.

The album release has been pushed back to the 29th of September, to accomodate more mixing time.

The band are holding a special playback session of the unmastered album in London on Friday the 5th of September; the location of which will be disclosed on this site on the day!

The new Mithras album 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' will be released on September 15th by Golden lake productions.

The album is 90% completed with just some lead parts and vocals to be completed, before the mixing/mastering sessions which are booked for the middle of August.

Mithras are in the process of sorting out a special show towards the end of the year in London, watch this space for more details.

Mithras are proud to announce that for the first time, they now have a full lineup of permanent members!

Joining are Lee du-Caine (of Motion Sickness) and Ben White (of Orbethium)

Lee has been playing session guitar for the band for the last year, and Ben White was in the band prior to the recording of 'Forever Advancing...... Legions'. Ben has been an on/off session member playing live guitar for years; but is now taking over the drum seat so that Leon can get back to playing the guitar live

The lineup is: -

Rayner Coss: - Oratory / Bass
Leon Macey: - Lead guitar
Lee du-Caine: - Lead guitar
Ben White: - Live Drums

The new lineup will be playing some shows in the autumn to support the new album 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' which is being recorded now, the drum tracks having been completed by Leon Macey a few weeks ago.

Leon recently completed an interview with Metal reference, check out the direct link to the interview!

Mithras will soon be entering the studio to record the follow up to 2002's 'Forever Advancing...... Legions' (recorded July 2001). Titled 'Worlds Beyond The Veil' this album is a massive leap forward in all ways for the band. A demo version of the track "Bequeath Thy Visions" that will feature on "Worlds Beyond The Veil" is now on the cover cd of Terrorizer magazine (Anthrax on the cover). Check it out!

Here's a review of our London show by Pete at

"I believe this was the first time Mithras had played London but they certainly had an expectant buzz caused by very positive reviews. Leon and Rayner have been hard at work gathering a full live band together and they all trooped on stage wearing full-length red cloaks. The words Spinal Tap were mentioned but there was nothing cheesy about the punishing death laden grooves they forged on with. With implicit technical barbarity I was somewhat shocked at what a fluid, tight killing machine this lot actually are live. Deciphering the growled out track titles was a mission and one that was beyond me. One thing was for sure this lot have the scope to give the likes of Nile and Origin a run for their money. In fact they may well progress to attack the crown held by Vader. Bassist/singer Rayner is an imposing front man and he twitched and juddered around the stage like a man possessed. Lords & Masters seemed to be a title and I was beginning to think that I haven?t caught a 1st gig by a British band of this intensity since the 1st time I caught Akercocke. The Sky God Has Fallen In Fire apparently well they certainly use their instruments like weapons firing out squealing riffs with trail blazing zeal. A new album is on the way and we got a track from that and I have to say that I am looking forward to hearing it. Finishing off with The Thing That Lives Beyond The Eyes Of bluurgh, I may have missed the last word but wouldn?t be at all surprised if it had HP Lovecraft connotations. Lets face it what self respecting Death Metal band wouldn?t pen an ode to his memory. Ones to watch."

The Latest Mithras demo cd (recorded July 2002) 'Bequeath Thy Visions' recieved a rare 10/10 in the Cannon fodder section of Terrorizer 107. Cheers to Stuart Banks for such an amazing review.

'Bequeath Thy Visions' mcd review.

What makes this so impressive is the compositional ability of the band. They've taken brutal technical death metal and thanks to a completely different view on the subject, have layered the music with soaring, gargantuan scales. Surging waves of epic, enveloping sound rise and collide on the ethers of conciousness hammered in by breath-taking velocity and tectonic shifting riffs. If a succinct description could be possible this it would be: - what Emperor would sound like if they did Death metal. This is beyond the next level, in fact this is beyond the capabilty of most bands.

10/10 (Stuart Banks)